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Cargobase Announces Successful Fundraising

The transport management software (TMS) company is raising funds from Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Trestle Partners, reinforcing their shared commitment to technological innovation and the digitalization of the supply chain.

The investment will be dedicated to accelerating Cargobase’s global growth.

  • Cargobase, a popular transportation management software known for its ease of use and pragmatic approach, today announced that it has successfully completed its growth financing. The latest round was led by Trestle Partners and followed by Lufthansa Innovation Hub who invested to accelerate Cargobase’s global growth.
  • After two years of strong growth, the company, which is now profitable for the third consecutive year, will build on this success and dedicate the capital injection to expanding its international presence, product development and customer success.
  • The company has opened an office in Mexico and is expanding its presence in the United States and Europe through the establishment of regional offices.
  • Recognized as a leading product innovation company, this investment will also enable Cargobase to refine the user experience, multiply integrations, collect richer data, perform predictive analytics, and automate decision-making.
  • The current management, led by CEO and founder Wiebe Helder, will continue to lead the company.

“We (Cargobase and Trestle) share the same vision, to move the world, and its CEO has a pragmatic attitude and focuses on the concept of ‘Getting Ship Done’. Cargobase has provided logistics professionals with well-designed, comprehensive and easy-to-use SaaS software,” Thomas Babcock, Managing Partner of Trestle.

“We are delighted to be working with Wiebe and his team,”

“Our ambition is to continue to grow our business portfolio, which consists of business creation, partnerships and investments. Cargobase is a great complement,” Christine Wang, Managing Director of Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

“The software’s strengths in reducing complications and improving the efficiency of global supply chains reflect the importance we place on business models in digital and expand our knowledge in the field of transportation management software.

“Cargobase’s global network, headquartered in Singapore, underscores our commitment to Asia and our goal to drive companies that make an impact on a global scale.”

“Winter is coming,” as some say, for both supply chain and investment,” Ceo and Founder of Cargobase, Wiebe Helder.

“But as supply chains prepare for a whole new wave of change, we anticipate.

“At Cargobase, we pride ourselves on our technology because it enables logistics professionals to go digital, at a time when logistics service providers rely – more than ever – on connected flows to maximize efficiency and speed.

“Securing these investments confirms that we are on the right track and indicates that we have the potential to shape the future of supply chains, which are at the turning point of digital transformation.”

“We will use this latest tranche of funding to accelerate the implementation of the technology for all our users through our customer success team, as well as to expand our user network through our business development team.” Cargobase Chief Strategy Officer, Arnout Wagenaar.

“As the industry evolves towards more collaborative, real-time ways of working, we are proud to offer software that works, software that contributes to the success and cost reduction of our customers on a daily basis,” Cargobase Product Director, Gert Jan Spriensma.

“Our customers continue to recognize and reward Cargobase for its innovation and for being the best TMS in its class.

“We will dedicate part of this investment to making the lives of logistics professionals as easy and automated as possible, so they can focus on the things that really have an impact.”