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cargo-partner supports for tree planting initiatives

 width=The international transport and logistics provider reaffirms its dedication to environmental protection and sustainability through innovative projects, including support for tree planting initiatives.

These endeavors are aimed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint and contributing to global reforestation efforts.

Following its comprehensive ESG strategy and embodying its core value of “we take it personally,” cargo-partner has implemented strategic measures to combat deforestation.

In addition to planting thousands of trees in the “cargo-partner forest,” the company has significantly reduced its paper usage through digitalization and by overhauling numerous business processes.

For instance, cargo-partner South Korea reported a paper reduction of 50% over the past three years, while the sea freight team in Hungary reduced their paper use by up to 80% in just one year.

“We are proud of the impact our tree planting initiatives have made, with thousands of trees contributing to a healthier planet,” said Stefan Krauter, Founder and CEO of cargo-partner.

“Our ‘cargo-partner forest’ is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, and we remain dedicated to finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”

In 2021, the company introduced two initiatives to accelerate worldwide reforestation efforts.

The first initiative, launched in January 2021, involved the transition to the sustainable search engine platform, Ecosia. This simple yet impactful switch directs 80% of advertising revenue profits towards supporting tree planting projects.

That same year, cargo-partner launched a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey about its online solutions.

As an incentive, the company pledged to plant a tree for every completed questionnaire in collaboration with Ecologi, a platform for climate action.

The “cargo-partner forest” quickly flourished with over 1,000 trees.

In September 2023, cargo-partner Austria organized a customer celebration in honor of its 40th anniversary.

The event also featured a roulette table dedicated to a green cause. The proceeds from the event resulted in the planting of over 2,400 trees with Ecologi, further growing the cargo-partner forest.

In May 2023, more than 20 volunteers from cargo-partner’s Bulgarian team participated in planting nearly 100 fruit trees and shrubs in Sofia’s Botanical Garden, one of the largest in the Balkans. The team’s efforts showcased a commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Today, the cargo-partner forest is home to more than 3,500 trees. Since each tree absorbs an average of at least 10 kg of CO₂ per year, this means that the cargo-partner forest has helped remove 35,000 kg – or 35 metric tons – of CO₂ from the air.