Cargo Handling

cargo-partner demonstrates expertise in sensitive, valuable and non-standard shipments

Over the past several months, the international transport and logistics provider has successfully completed a series of extraordinary transport projects, showcasing its expertise in handling sensitive goods, valuable assets, and items with non-standard dimensions.

Katana worth 50,000 euro from Japan to Slovakia
In March, the cargo-partner team in Slovakia organized the transport of a unique historical replica of a samurai Katana sword worth more than 50,000 € from Japan to Slovakia. Since the blade of the sword is made of a special material that oxidizes when touched, the blacksmith brought it to be inspected by customs officials a few days before the actual shipment. After customs clearance, he took it back to his workshop, where he treated the blade once more to make sure there were no marks on it. cargo-partner ensured safe packaging so that the precious shipment would not be damaged on its way to Europe. The rare shipment weighed 25 kg with a length of 1.31 meters.

The main challenge was to find a suitable airline and route for the transport. Since European airlines considered the sword a weapon, not a collector’s item, cargo-partner couldn’t use the airport in Frankfurt. The team thus organized a flight to Vienna with a stopover in Taiwan. The final customs formalities were handled swiftly and the sword was transferred to the cargo-partner warehouse in Bratislava.

Telecommunications equipment from USA to Bulgaria
In April, the cargo-partner team in Bulgaria received a request to import five containers from the USA, containing components and antennas to improve mobile coverage around a Bulgarian city. The items were extremely delicate and sensitive, requiring special care during transport and delivery. The complex task was further complicated by the delivery location – a field site without proper conditions for unloading and storing the containers with the expensive telecommunications parts. cargo-partner’s experts developed a solution by laying a special floor so that the containers could be unloaded on site. The team also organized a 60-ton mobile crane, allowing them to unload the containers within only a few hours. 

Houseboats shipped by boat from Poland to Italy 
Earlier this year, the cargo-partner team in Gdynia organized a shipment of two houseboats from Poland to Italy via a combination of road and short sea transport. The two houseboats weighed eight tons and measured 10 x 4.2 x 3.5 m each. Due to these unusual dimensions, the shipment required special permits and a trained driver. After reaching Gdańsk, the houseboats were securely attached to two 40’ flat rack containers. The cargo passed the lashing inspection and received a safety certificate, and finally, made it off to Naples by boat.

Yacht from China to South Africa
The cargo-partner team in China recently transported a 14,500 kg private yacht via break bulk vessel from Tianjin, China to the Port of Durban, South Africa. The company arranged for a special flat trailer to transport the oversized shipment and completed the inland delivery in only three days. cargo-partner’s Project Cargo team in China closely monitored the vessel and port terminal to ensure the smooth pickup and delivery of this extraordinary cargo. Despite delays due to port congestion, the yacht arrived just in time to meet the customer’s deadline.

Automotive injection machines from Spain to Mexico
cargo-partner’s branch in Spain recently supported an international customer in moving car manufacturing machinery from the Port of Barcelona to Mexico by sea freight. In search of a logistics partner who could provide exceptional door-to-door support, the company contacted the cargo-partner office in Barcelona. The three large plastic automotive injection machines weighing 13 tons each were shipped in one 40-foot and one 20-foot flat rack container and arrived at their final destination in March. Working closely with their colleagues in Mexico, the team provided an end-to-end solution, demonstrating a collaborative approach across cargo-partner’s international network.

Cutting through logistical challenges with a giant laser
cargo-partner in Poland recently accomplished the smooth and secure delivery of two flat rack containers and two high cube containers all the way from China to Poland. What makes this achievement special is that one of the flat rack containers housed an enormous cutting laser, measuring a staggering 8.7 x 3.5 x 2.5 m and weighing an impressive 18 tons. The cargo began its journey in Shanghai, made its way to the port of Gdynia and was then transported by road to a town near the city of Łódź. This intricate operation required meticulous planning, coordination, and expertise to ensure the safe arrival of the cargo at its final destination – true to the cargo-partner motto “we take it personally”.