Brussels Airport transported almost 65,000 tons of cargo in March

image credit: Brussels Airport

Total cargo volumes through Brussels Airport fell by 2% in March compared to March 2023, reaching almost 65,000 tonnes.

Flown cargo volumes also experienced a small decline of almost 2% to a total of 54,000 tonnes.

There was a 5% decrease in the full freighter segment, while belly cargo increased by 20%, in line with increasing capacity in terms of passenger flights.

Express services are down 9% and trucked volumes are also down 5%.

The main import regions are Asia, with a strong increase of 42% compared to March 2023 due to an increase in e-commerce, Africa (+3%) and North America (-21%). The main export region is again Asia (-23%), followed by Africa (-1%) and North America (-30%).

In terms of cargo volumes, there was a slight growth of 1% in the first quarter. Flown cargo volumes registered growth of 2% this quarter.

Aircraft movements: 3% increase compared to March 2023.

The number of cargo flights fell by almost 10%, mainly due to the decrease in express flights.