Brisbane Airport begins construction of $50million parcel facility

BNE’s largest development to deliver for Queensland

Brisbane Airport is beginning construction of its largest industrial project, a state-of-the-art $50million parcel facility for Australia Post.

BAC is managing the design and delivery of Australia Post’s StarTrack Premium site, making it the postal service’s second largest in Queensland.

The Brisbane North Parcel Facility will span 31,800sqm of internal area. It will be equivalent to more than three rugby league fields with direct airside access from the 100-hectare Airport Industrial Park.

Gert-Jan de Graaff, Brisbane Airport Chief Executive Officer: “This will be the largest industrial project ever constructed at Brisbane Airport.

“By providing Australia Post with direct airside access, we’re streamlining the delivery of time-sensitive parcels, benefitting millions of Queenslanders in the South East and regional areas of the state.

“Not only do we offer direct tarmac access, but Brisbane’s arterial road network is right on our doorstep.

“We are proud to develop projects that enable Queensland to grow and connect to the world.”

The 33,800sqm facility will include a custom-built 31,800sqm warehouse, as well as a two-level 2000 sqm commercial office space. There will be parking for 350 cars.

Sustainability features will be prioritised in the development, which is targeting a 5-Star Green Star certification for energy and water efficiency, climate change resilience and reduced environmental impacts during construction.

The building will include more than 1000 solar panels for renewable energy generation.