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BlueBox Systems offers real-time shipment visibility to WACO members in new agreement

In new partnership with BlueBox Systems, WACO members can now track air and ocean cargo shipments, preventing delays and enhancing collaboration within the network.

Through a new partnership with WACO, the world’s foremost independent global freight management and logistics organisation, BlueBox systems is providing WACO members access to visibility solutions for both air and ocean freight.

In the form of two freight visibility platforms, BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean, BlueBox is delivering collective analytics for WACO members and bringing real-time oversight of shipment status and flight-related data in a user-friendly interface.

For BlueBoxAir, BlueBox Systems accesses data from more than 130 airlines and enables users to track the aircraft position making it possible to track cargo in real time and to receive updates and information about the expected time of delivery.

For BlueBoxOcean, BlueBox Systems has a successful partnership with Vizion that will give users end-to-end production location data and greater visibility.

Their API is designed to seamlessly integrate essential, reliable and complete container data and insights to achieve end-to-end visibility.

These enriched datasets, all developed on robust information technology infrastructures, enables WACO members to track 98 percent of ocean freight volume.

This makes it possible to take immediate corrective action throughout the transport process and prevent costly delays.

Whether using the ocean or air freight solution, WACO members are able to collaborate through the platforms. They can share comments and documents for each shipment and combine these with accurate shipment data.

If two members work together on one shipment, the WACO version of BlueBoxAir or BlueBoxOcean is the ideal tool to do so.

“WACO has negotiated on behalf of the network to secure a great deal that ensures all members can offer their customers visibility throughout the entire supply chain,” said Richard Charles, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The WACO System.

“The ability for our members to collaborate on shared shipments provides real added value to the WACO network and will strengthen partnerships among members.”

The BlueBox dashboards provide data analytics and collective reports in an integrated way through intuitive navigation between pages.

“Our engagement with WACO really is an excellent collaboration. This agreement is pivotal as it allows both BlueBox Systems and WACO to offer our collective air and ocean freight visibility solution to all WACO members,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems.

“We work hard every day to provide the best freight data in the market and we will continue to innovate while adding value for our customers. That’s our commitment.”

“Together with BlueBox Systems we bring the best data for Ocean and Air freight to the table, made effectively usable with the BlueBox Systems UI,” says Kyle Hernderson, CEO of Vizion.

“On this basis, we form the perfect team to support WACO in their goal to offer their members the best visibility and collaboration platform.”