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BIFA call on UK government to do more in logistics field ahead of budget announcment

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Ahead of today’s UK Budget, leading trade association, the British International Freight Association [], is calling on the Chancellor to do more for the UK’s freight and logistics sector.

Robert Keen, BIFA’s Director General says: “The economic outlook in the run up to Brexit remains challenging and there is massive uncertainty about the UK’s future trading relations with Europe.

“Whilst the Brexit negotiations rumble on, our members need Phillip Hammond to take some immediate steps to improve the operating environment for a sector that is the lifeblood of the UK’s international trade.

“In his autumn statement this time last year, Mr Hammond announced plans that financial support for UK exporters would double through UK Export Finance (UKEF). That’s the sort of initiative that can fuel international trade and our members would welcome an announcement of further support in today’s Budget.

“For some years there has been a freeze on fuel duty. Now we repeat our call for an outright cut, the introduction of an essential user rebate and some form of fuel duty stabilisation mechanism.

“Previously, BIFA has welcomed news of capital spending on transport infrastructure. We hope to hear more good news in this area.

“It is imperative that new road building and road reconstruction projects are not only implemented, but developed in such a way as to maximise their functionality.

“Any news of further financial support for UK exporters, a cut of fuel duty and additional transport infrastructure investment in today’s Budget will be warmly welcomed by BIFA members, which as freight forwarders, are responsible for the logistics services that underpin much of Britain’s visible domestic and international trade.