B&H Worldwide successfully delivers first engine shipment for Singapore Airlines

B&H Worldwide has successfully completed its first engine transportation and storage on behalf of Singapore Airlines.

B&H was recently commissioned by Singapore Airlines, to transport a GE90 engine from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Singapore.

The B&H Worldwide team is familiar with the GE90 series engine type and has completed numerous transportation assignments for other airline customers over the years.

B&H took just 3 days to complete the shipment of the 10,700 kg engine, and it is now safely stored it within the climate-controlled environment of the B&H warehouse facility at Singapore Changi Airport.

Mounted on a specialist engine stand, the engine will be stored until required at a constant 23-24°C and at a humidity level of 64-65%.

“B&H Worldwide has a strong track record in aircraft engine transport and storage for many airlines around the world,” says David Wong, Station Manager of B&H Worldwide Singapore.

“Combined with our company’s warehousing and FSL facilities located in strategic aviation hubs we offer a strong value proposition.

“We are proud that Singapore Airlines has chosen us for this job and our teams are fully committed to meet the transport and logistics needs of our aerospace customers.”