Cargo Handling

Belgrade Airport transfers air cargo services to Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation in charge of PRM and air cargo services along with managing ramp handling and baggage, de-icing and passenger services at Nikola Tesla Airport

Belgrade Airport announces Menzies Aviation has started providing full air cargo services at Nikola Tesla Airport.

From 5 March 2024, the aviation services provider will provide PRM services and air cargo services.

It will also provide ramp handling and baggage, de-icing and passenger services.

The contract will see Belgrade Airport transfer all handling service contracts to Menzies Aviation, subject to partner airlines consent.

All Belgrade Airport employees in ground handling activity are offered employment agreements with Menzies Aviation d.o.o. as their new employer.

In 2023, Menzies Aviation announced it had signed an agreement with Air Serbia for passenger and ramp services beginning in February 2024.

The agreement, Menzies biggest deal in Eastern Europe to date, will see local teams manage more than 22,000 turns in the first year at the largest and busiest airport in Serbia.