Cargo Handling

Baltic Ground Services handles Turkish Cargo’s first Vilnius freighter flight

Baltic Ground Services (BGS) yesterday started handling for Turkish Cargo’s Airbus A330 Freighter which touched down at Vilnius Airport for the first time.

The Lithuanian company situated in Vilnius has signed a three-year agreement with the fast-growing carrier.

Turkish Cargo’s A330 will operate two times a week. The aircraft can carry more than 70,000 kg of cargo per flight.

BGS chief executive officer, Gytis Gumuliauskas said: “Since 2012, our company has been working with Turkish Airlines by providing ground handling and fuelling services.

“We are happy to announce that BGS will continue working with this company by providing services for their Airbus A330 cargo aircraft.

“Of course, new opportunities come with new challenges. A new customer requires not only a lot of hard work, but also investment. We had to purchase new equipment and recruiting additional staff.”

BGS provides passenger and aircraft handling services and has been providing services for DHL at the Vilnius Airport for more than a decade.

The Vilnius based company has been actively expanding into foreign markets. In 2017, BGS provided fuelling services at the Czech Ostrava Airport and has established a new company in Germany. In 2018, BGS also has plans for development in Asia.