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ATC wins ITA Airways contract

ATC Aviation Services AG, one of the leading cargo GSSA’s, has started its partnership with ITA Airways as of October 15th, 2021. The well-known GSSA will be responsible for the airline’s cargo sales promotion and marketing activities in the regions of Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Switzerland, and United States.

ITA Airways operates with a network of 44 destinations and 59 routes – 191 flights in total (24 domestic and 56 international) – which will increase to 58 destinations and 74 routes in 2022 and 74 destinations and 89 routes in 2025.

Ingo Zimmer, CEO ATC Aviation Services “We warmly welcome our new partner ITA Airways, and we will make every effort to increase the cargo business of ITA Airways with our experience and market knowledge”.

Emiliana Limosani, CCO at ITA Airways, says “We value the commercial partnership with ATC Aviation Services as key for a successful start of our operations and the development of ITA Airways cargo business in the coming months”.