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Aspiring forwarders encouraged to join logistics industry

To mark National Apprenticeship Week (February 5-11, 2024) DB Schenker is recognising the contributions made by its apprentices to the business by having team lunches and sharing videos on the apprentices’ journeys throughout their career with the company.

More than 50 apprentices have been taken on in the UK and Ireland over the last two years and the aim is to recruit an additional 30 in 2024.

DB Schenker currently has an 89% retention rate for participants.

Julie Heard, CCO UK & Ireland says: “We’re about bringing in young freight forwarders into this industry who have curious minds and are determined to push limits in putting the customer first.

“That thirst to succeed supports our values and enables them to bring a fresh perspective to their role and while using their own initiative because we have inspired them.

“We don’t just say we want to be the employer of choice at DB Schenker, we back it up through our actions.

“We believe in encouraging young people to enter the freight forwarding industry, give them the skills they need for their careers through training, investing in them and ensuring they want to stay here.

“This industry has a reputation for seeing people move around and not commit to one organisation because they had no reason to do so.

“DB Schenker wants to truly deliver logistics as a career option to young people”.

As a part of this on-going training DB Schenker is encouraging both its apprentices and graduates to join industry body BIFA (British International Freight Association) Young Forwarder Network (YFN).

The YFN enables participants to enhance their career prospects by providing opportunities to support their professional development.

It does this through exclusive events, boosting knowledge, sharing skills, advice and experiences from industry professionals and providing visits to places of industry interest.

Carl Hobbis, BIFA Member Services Director: “It is great to see forward-thinking companies like DB Schenker, not only taking on apprentices, as well as graduates, but more importantly encouraging them to build up their professional network by attending industry events, such as those organised by the BIFA Young Forwarder Network.”

He, and BIFA colleague Graeme Wilkinson were recently welcomed at DB Schenker Heathrow by Julie Heard at one their regular visits to talk about the ongoing, long-term work the two organisations undertake together.

Michal Koronski one of the Schenker’s young forwarders who has joined the BIFA YFN: “My first YFN event was an incredibly enriching experience.

“The get-together allowed us to learn from and interact with a guest speaker from one of the leading airline companies.

“It was a unique chance to ask questions and deepen our understanding of the industry.

“It’s invigorating to connect with peers who share similar challenges and aspirations.

“My awareness and interest in this remarkable group stemmed from my work colleagues who had joined the group before me which speaks volumes about the practical knowledge and skills they gained.”

image credit: DB Schenker