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Asia Airfreight Terminal to deploy autonomous electric tractor in Hong Kong

Mr. Mike Chew, CEO of Asia Airfreight Terminal, stands next to an AET and shares his vision for an efficient and eco-friendly future.

Asia Airfreight Terminal (AAT), a subsidiary of SATS Ltd, has announced the introduction of Autonomous Electric Tractors (AET) at its terminal in Hong Kong.

This innovative move positions AAT as the pioneer cargo terminal operator in Hong Kong to deploy AETs, revolutionizing cargo handling processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Mr. Mike Chew, CEO of AAT said: “Our commitment to efficiency and sustainability remains unwavering.

“Thanks to the team’s rigorous testing, training and trials conducted over the past eighteen months, we have successfully deployed AETs in our cargo terminals operations, enabling cargo and ULDs towing through various routes and across different levels of the terminal.

“By utilizing electric-powered AETs, we are not only reducing carbon footprint but also ensuring resilience and the quality of service we provide to our customers.”

With a range of up to 90km per charge, AETs significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by up to 35% compared to conventional diesel tractors, propelling us towards a greener future by minimizing our environmental impact.

Ensuring safety is the top priority, each AET is equipped with an extensive range of features ensuring safety.

These include a robust set of nine high-definition cameras and three lidar sensors for efficient navigation.