APG Cargo (GSSA) announces major expansion of network coverage across Africa

image credit: APG Cargo (GSSA)

APG Cargo, a global cargo General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA), has announced a substantial expansion of its network across Africa.

This expansion is part of the company’s ongoing effort to enhance connectivity and service capabilities in one of the world’s most dynamic markets, adding to its impressive global reach that spans 62 countries worldwide.

Sandrine de Saint Sauveur, President of APG Inc: “We are thrilled to deepen our presence within Africa, a market brimming with growth and opportunities,” remarked.

“With new offices now in Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Morocco, we are better positioned to support our airline clients’ expanding logistics needs and contribute positively to regional economic growth and activities.”

The addition of new offices across Africa allows APG Cargo to offer more localized services and expertise, providing tailored solutions from local dynamic teams that meet the new and unique challenges of the African market.

The Head of Cargo at APG added, “This expansion is not just about growing our footprint, it’s about innovation and enhancing the quality and accessibility of our APG Cargo services across the continent.

“With our innovative approach, including our own airline – APG Airlines as a unique cargo interline solution, we are committed to investing in our capabilities and service levels to meet the diverse needs of our airline clients and to being a part of Africa’s vibrant economic future.”