airBaltic invests in future by using artificial intelligence

Given the recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the Latvian airline airBaltic has successfully identified ways to drive efficiency with AI usage in its daily work.

The airline is rapidly growing its AI usage and is currently working with solutions in such business areas as legal, safety and compliance, management of internal manuals, and more.

Martin Gauss, President and CEO at airBaltic: “airBaltic continues to lead when it comes to innovations. Our ongoing aim to increase efficiency across different business functions has resulted in an impressively high usage of AI-powered solutions in different business areas.

“We see and welcome AI as a great opportunity and help in saving time – by introducing these solutions, we are investing in our future and the further growth of airBaltic.”

Currently, airBaltic is using AI-powered solutions, which are produced in-house, as well as established and offered by external partners. The most used internal solutions are several question-and-answer type tools – made for easier and more convenient employee onboarding, quickly finding out details about the company, or locating specific information in the company’s flight operations manuals.

Furthermore, the airline has established a cooperation with such companies as KPMG in Latvia for easier company-wide agreement management and PROS on AI solutions for ancillary product pricing based on passenger demand and preferences.