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AIR unveils unmanned ‘AIR ONE Cargo’ eVTOL for logistics market

image credit: AIR

AIR, a leading OEM of midsize eVTOLs, today announced its expansion into the cargo and logistics market with its new, unmanned AIR ONE Cargo eVTOL.

In the last year, while maintaining its role at the forefront of the high-volume general aviation market, the company has secured multiple deals to supply the unmanned version of its flagship eVTOL aircraft, AIR ONE, for cargo purposes.

Concluding 2023 with over $1 million in revenue, the additional purchase orders have significantly boosted the company’s revenue projections for 2024 and 2025.

Having already successfully delivered the first cargo aircraft, AIR is set to continue fulfilling the purchase orders for the remaining AIR ONE Cargo units throughout 2024 and the first half of 2025.

Driven by high market demand and backed by purchase orders, AIR developed the unmanned eVTOLs for cargo use-cases, in addition to its manned, “personal use” variant.

The exponential growth in revenue since AIR’s expansion into cargo and logistics demonstrates AIR’s great promise as it continues pursuing mass eVTOL production.

AIR ONE Cargo firmly bolsters the maturation of AIR’s products and design concepts, contributing valuable flight hours toward safety verification.

Additionally, the cargo aircraft aids in achieving scaled production volume, leveraging AIR’s automotive-based production line, methodologies, and automated manufacturing systems.

Rani Plaut, CEO and co-founder of AIR said: “Venturing into this new market with AIR ONE Cargo is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the integration of eVTOLs into all spheres of daily life, for a variety of use cases,” .

“We expanded our offerings in response to strong market demand, and the feedback we’ve already received affirms that AIR ONE’s robust capabilities and simple, cost-effective design make it an extremely agile platform, uniquely able to scale across different uses.”

Capable of taking off and landing vertically while carrying a 550-pound (250kg) payload, the all-electric AIR ONE Cargo offers a practical long range on a single charge at speeds comparable to the manned passenger variant of AIR ONE.