Air France KLM Martinair Cargo welcomes Airflo and Tiger Freight to its Sustainable Aviation Fuel programme

As the COP26 summit brings together world leaders in Glasgow to tackle climate change, it should be noted that Air France KLM Martinair Cargo were among the first airlines to launch a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme for cargo in December 2020. Today we are proud to welcome Airflo and Tiger Freight to our SAF programme. By joining, Airflo and Tiger Freight will reduce the carbon emissions that they produce shipping flowers and perishables. This partnership will make it possible to use sustainable aviation fuel on AFKLMP Cargo flights from Kenya and Zimbabwe carrying Airflo’s and Tiger Freight’s fresh agricultural and horticultural products.

At this year’s International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) in the Netherlands (3-5 November), GertJan Roelands, Senior Vice President Sales & Distribution Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, invited the CEO of Airflo and Tiger Freight, Andrew Pattenden, to sign an agreement that includes a fixed annual investment from Airflo and Tiger Freight. This will enable us to further expand our development and procurement of SAF. Airflo’s and Tiger Freight’s contribution will be used to cover the difference in price between conventional aircraft fuel and SAF. The International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) at Vijfhuizen in the Netherlands is the world’s most prestigious trade fair for international flower growers and buyers.

GertJan Roelands: “I would like to welcome Airflo and Tiger to our SAF programme and to compliment them on taking this step forward in further reducing their carbon footprint for airfreight. So far we have welcomed 26 partners to our SAF programme this year. We have seen an uptick in interest and a rapidly growing demand for SAF in recent months.”

Pier Luigi Vigada, Director Eastern & Southern Africa at Air France KLM Martinair Cargo says: “Committing to a Sustainable Aviation Fuel programme means understanding the concept, sharing the values and involving our customers.

Doing that in the horticultural business environment, where margins are low and complexities are high, is a hard task. Airflo, Tiger Freight and their CEO Andrew Pattenden, have fully embraced the project and will be supporting Air France KLM Martinair Cargo in their SAF investments for 2022, both from Kenya and Zimbabwe. We are very pleased to welcome them on board. Their professionalism and dedication will be supported by a decreased carbon footprint in transporting their customers products from Nairobi and Harare”.

Andy Pattenden, Chief Executive of the Airflo and Tiger Freight businesses adds: “It’s critically important for us at Airflo and Tiger, that we work with all stakeholders in our industry to bring about a more sustainable future. Given that AFKLMP Cargo provides the cornerstone to our freighter programmes from both Kenya and Zimbabwe, their industry leading SAF programme is the ideal platform for us to support. Our participation in the AFKLMP SAF programme will go a long way in supporting those sustainability initiatives that we are building with our customers, amongst my colleagues and across our businesses”.

SAF is a jet fuel made from renewable sources, such as cooking oil. It is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel that reduces carbon emissions by a minimum of 75%. It is blended with conventional fossil fuel and can be used by all aircraft engines. The AFKLMP Cargo SAF programme enables different stakeholders in the logistical airfreight industry to power a percentage of their flights with SAF. Customers determine their own level of engagement and we ensure that their entire investment is used to source SAF. By participating in our programme, our customers not only reduce their own carbon footprint, but confirm their commitment to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future. Only with the support of all stakeholders can we successfully develop a more viable market for SAF.