Air Europa sets ups new cargo business unit

Spanish carrier Air Europa is to take over the managing and marketing of cargo on its passenger fleet through a new business unit – Air Europa Cargo – after previously outsourcing freight activities.

As of 1 November 1, the airline said it will manage the network of cargo terminals and sales agents in all the bases where it operates and will reach agreements with other companies for the transport of goods around the world.

Air Europa said the aim was to add value to the brand and improve the service provided to the customer, it will directly manage and market freight in the holds of its aircraft fleet.

The carrier operates a fleet of 46 aircraft including 10 Airbus A330s, 20 Boeing 737s and eight Boeing 787s and operates routes through tour services in Europe and scheduled flights to North America and South America. It’s main base is Palma de Mallorca Airport.

The airline division of Globalia had, to date, outsourced this business area and added: “We have worked hard to create the necessary infrastructure for the start-up of this service with the selection of a professional and experienced network of cargo terminals, handling and sales agents. Its main objective is to manage the movement of goods in the warehouses of the Air Europa fleet; create new businesses, as well as new opportunities through its extensive network.

“In this regard, it should be noted that Air Europa has also reached, through this new cargo department, agreements with other airlines to ensure the transport of goods anywhere in the world.

“To offer an excellent transport of merchandise and that is appropriate and personalized for each shipment, Air Europa has in part of its fleet the possibility of adapting its warehouses to the requirements that are required to transport certain products such as fruits, pharmaceutical products sensitive to temperature, animals or general cargo.”