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Air Charter Service responds to Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian swept along the East Coast of the US this week, Air Charter Service (ACS) has been busy evacuating the Bahamas and Florida, as well as flying in medical aid to the afflicted regions to help those already affected.

The 185mph winds have left the Bahamas devastated and now threaten to sweep up the southern Atlantic Seaboard.

Dorian has already caused widespread damage – at least seven people are known to have died in the Bahamas, as well as tens of thousands of homes being destroyed. More are set to announced dead once the clean-up begins.

ACS’s Florida office private jets director Florida office, Jordan Hinsch said. “We’ve booked charters to move more than 250 people out of the path of the storm so far, initially many from the Bahamas, and then more and more from Florida.

“They have been booking private jets or larger aircraft to get out of the way of the exceptionally high winds.

“Now we are experiencing some calls for helicopters to use in aerial surveillance, as well as repatriation as islanders return to their homes to assess the damage left behind.

“Our cargo division has also been busy, having sent in medical supplies to the region already and we are currently receiving enquiries to fly in and further supplies to the Bahamas, now that the storm has passed.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this horrendous natural disaster.”