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Air Atlanta Icelandic invests in CHAMP’s Cargospot Weight & Balance

Air Atlanta Icelandic (AAI) will be improving its daily operations with the implementation of Cargospot Weight & Balance.

For over 35 years, AAI has been delivering uniquely tailored services to its customer base and growing into a leading Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance (ACMI) provider.

Fast and reliable, CHAMP’s freight load planning solution can reduce AAI’s manual workload from over one hour to 0.05 seconds with a single keystroke.

Using industry-leading algorithms, the Cargospot Weight & Balance system reduces errors and delays, generating instant, safe, and fuel optimized load planning.

“AAI is a provider of exceptional ACMI, charter, and aircraft management services,” says Olafur Orn Jonsson, V.P. Flight Operations at Air Atlanta Icelandic.

“We have a large and diverse customer base, and we believe that the Weight & Balance system will allow us to work simply and efficiently thanks to its user-friendly interface and full compliance with all safety and auditing regulations worldwide.”

“We are thrilled that Air Atlanta Icelandic will be implementing our Cargospot Weight & Balance system,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, VP Commercial & Customer Engagement at CHAMP Cargosystems.

“With its improved accuracy, the software reduces stress and risks on aircrafts and significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprints.”