AIA Cargo announces GSSA partnerships with Hainan Airlines and Air Peace

image credit: AIA Cargo

AIA Cargo announces partnerships with Hainan Airlines and Air Peace to offer enhanced cargo options to China and Lagos respectively.

The Hainan Airlines partnership opens up multiple routes from London Heathrow, Dublin, Manchester, and Edinburgh to various destinations in China.

Nina Bruce, Far East Commercial and Network Development Manager, AIA Cargo says: “This a new and exciting milestone for AIA’s expansion to work with one of the leading Chinese carriers.

“The team is looking forward to working closely with Hainan Airlines with more to come with our Europe offices in the future.”

AIA Cargo said: “AIA Cargo is delighted to inform you that the upcoming destinations in China will be catered to by themselves. These destinations include XIY, CSX, TAO, PEK, and TSN.”

“This partnership allows AIA Cargo to have full control over the capacity across all lanes listed below, in addition to these, there will be a range of onward capabilities for shipments going onto other destinations via China and Asia.”

The collaboration between AIA Cargo and Air Peace will deliver cargo solutions from London – Lagos.

Mark Andrew, CEO, AIA Cargo “AIA Cargo is proud to have been selected to represent Air Peace in the UK as Air Peace becomes our first African carrier into our group of companies.

“Air Peace’s 6 weekly flights offer welcomed capacity not just to Lagos but onward to some major West African hubs for air cargo.

“We are sure our clients will be happy with the competitive rates, schedule and capacity that Air Peace cargo will offer to the UK market”.