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AGI launches “AGI Cares 2028” with biodegradable plastics

Alliance Ground International (AGI) has announced the kick-off of the AGI CARES 2028 ESG Program with the announcement that they have begun converting all plastic sheeting used in its cargo shipping to BioNatur Plastics products launched by M&G Packaging.

BioNatur Plastic is a growing line of biodegradable plastic products manufactured with proprietary formulations that make them the most sustainable plastic options available.

The conversion to biodegradable plastics launches AGI Cares 2028 initiative, a multi-dimensional ESG program focused on environmental responsibility, employee health and wellness, corporate governance, increasing community investment, reducing our carbon footprint, and minimizing waste to landfill.

AGI’s decision to tackle plastic usage is based on concern that regular plastic can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade in a landfill.

In contrast, BioNatur Plastic biodegradable plastics will biodegrade under landfill conditions in only eight to twelve years.

The end products are also fully recyclable in normal waste collection streams.

BioNatur Plastic is manufactured with a one percent load of an organic, food-safe proprietary additive that allows anaerobic bacteria to digest the plastic in a landfill.

Outside of a landfill, the plastic has an indefinite shelf life and performs exactly like traditional plastic products.

“AGI is excited to convert our cargo operation to these sustainable plastic products,” said Jared Azcuy, CEO of AGI.

“Replacing the plastic products used by AGI achieves two of the key pillars of our AGI Cares 2028 program: environmental responsibility and minimizing waste to landfill.”