AfA gains new member Icelandair Cargo as it adds US cities to its freight network

The Airforwarders Association (AfA) has welcomed new airline member Icelandair Cargo to its 200-strong member base, as the association focuses on extending its membership to include Europe-based companies with a US office.

Icelandair Cargo joins the AfA as the carrier embarks on the strategic expansion of its cargo network in the US, adding dedicated freighters to multiple cities in North America as of September, from Liege, in Belgium, via Keflavik.

“As Icelandair Cargo enters the airfreight market in North America, we want to be part of the business community here and we see AfA as the ideal platform to establish close relationships with forwarders working in the same market,” said Gunnar Mar Sigurfinnsson, Managing Director, Icelandair Cargo.

“We are all part of the same supply chain, serving the same client, and we see it as our duty to connect with the community and to align with the AfA on its strategic objectives, aiming to be a partner of choice for forwarders in the region.”

AfA acts as the voice of the industry for the US transport and logistics sector and beyond, working closely with other industry associations to tackle challenges and ensure a sustainable future for the sector.

Icelandair Cargo will bring a valuable new geographical perspective to the group as it targets this objective.

“With its strategic position midway between North America and Europe, the addition of Icelandair Cargo to the AfA community represents an important development for our global representation and strengthens our efforts to present a united front for the worldwide transport industry,” said Brandon Fried, Executive Director, AfA.

“We hope that as we diversify our membership, AfA’s goal to bring compliance and harmonization to the sector will grow in tandem.”

Currently, AfA is targeting key objectives including lobbying Congress to make critical investment in air cargo infrastructure at US airports and helping shippers prepare for imminent changes to US cargo screening requirements.

“It’s not enough to just be a member – we also have to deliver on our service promises and meet the needs of forwarders and we are ready to work hard to ensure we not only meet but exceed these expectations,” said Sigurfinnsson.