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AEI announces 2023 year end recap

Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) announced today that the company delivered twenty-eight (28) freighter conversions to leasing and operator customers world-wide in 2023.

AEI delivered eighteen (18) B737-800SF freighters, followed by five (5) B737-400SF freighters, two (2) MD-80SF series freighters, and three (3) CRJ200 SF freighters.

AEI also reached a major milestone last year, having celebrated the company’s 600th overall freighter conversion delivery in August.

Robert T. Convey, AEI Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing said, “AEI had a solid year in 2023, yet we also understand that the narrowbody freighter market became overbuilt during the pandemic era.

“We have been predicting and planning for a moderation in the market over the next 12 months or so to accommodate current demand,”

The B737-800SF will again represent the majority of deliveries in 2024, but AEI expects the total quantities of deliveries to be slightly below 2023 figures.

The company has stated that it will use this predicted slowdown as an opportunity to complete studies on potentially introducing new AEI freighter programs for the 737-900 and the CRJ 900.