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Adoption of Nallian’s Truck Visit Management Solution at Menzies LAX transforms Griley Air Freight’s Operations

Menzies Aviation was the first ground handler at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to deploy Nallian’s Truck Visit Management (TVM) solution. Griley Air Freight was one of the first companies to integrate it into their dispatching process.

They promptly saw a reduction in waiting time to pick up imports and drop off exports.

This immediately saved fuel and labor expenses, reduced engine emissions in a highly regulated state, and ensured a ready supply of drivers remained available for their customers.

  • Within a week of introduction, Griley Air Freight fully implemented Nallian’s solution into their daily operations.
  • “We immediately saw the impact as the waiting times reduced with an average of three to four hours.”
  • Dispatchers welcomed the system, as it made their jobs easier.

Cargo pick-ups and drops-offs – an ‘everyone’ problem at LAX 
Efficiently picking up and dropping off cargo at LAX wasn’t only a Griley problem. It remains an “everyone” problem. At LAX wait time is on average between two and a half  to six hours, and during peaks it can be up to eight hours. “One of the biggest challenges we have when we go to the airport is the waiting time. It wastes fuel, man hours, money, morale, and time that could’ve been better utilized serving customers by transporting the goods to their final destinations.

Immediate impact – elimination of wait time
Alfonso Munoz, Vice President of Griley Air Freight: “When Menzies implemented Nallian’s Truck Visit Management solution, we immediately saw the impact and waited on average three to four hours less.”

The solution’s real-time data provides insights into their operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Recurring pickup requests and automated notifications further enhances their efficiency. Additionally, the solution supportes commitment to green initiatives by reducing truck idling time, a significant win for sustainability.

How it works
With the solution, Menzies enables Griley to book time slots to pick up or drop off freight. Via an online booking form, dispatchers request bookings for pickups and drops offs and can attach freight details. Drivers self-register upon arrival via the digital front desk to activate their booking. Within a week of introduction, Griley Air Freight fully implemented Nallian’s solution into their daily operations. Their dispatchers welcomed the system, as it makes their jobs easier. By simply logging in, they could enter requests, view assigned time slots in real-time, track the status of each request, and make changes as necessary.

Alfonso Munoz, adds: “Anybody thinking of adopting Nallian’s TVM as a system, I can say it works and it works well. It didn’t take too long to implement.

“We’ve seen the wait times reduced, and that’s ultimately what we want.”

Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian, adds: Our Truck Visit Management solution is helping cargo handling agents, freight forwarding and trucking companies across the globe to streamline their freight management. We’re proud to have innovative companies such as Menzies Aviation and Griley Airfreight embrace our technology.