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ACS opens dedicated office for its OBC unit

Air Charter Service’s Germany based onboard courier (OBC) team has moved into its own office next to Frankfurt Airport – just three years after the company announced it would revamp its OBC division and two years ahead of schedule.

ACS’s time critical manager, Oliver Weigelt (pictured) said : “Our team here in Frankfurt has grown so quickly that we needed to move from the ACS charter office to a new premises here at the airport sooner than we originally intended.

“The new office gives us the space to continue expanding as our business grows on a monthly basis. Kelsterbach, due to its close proximity to the airport, is the ideal place to have our operation.”

He added that last year, contract numbers grew by more than 50 per cent on the previous year to almost 1,700 jobs and it is continuing the strong growth so far in 2018 so the new OBC dedicated office gives it the space to double the size of the team in the future.”

ACS’s Group commercial director, Justin Lancaster said: “We’ve been investing heavily in our OBC offering and we’re very excited about the new office. This is a worldwide service and a 24-hour product – we now have more than 600 representatives globally who hold more than 40 different visas, meaning we can have someone on an aircraft within hours to almost anywhere in the world.