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ACS helps fly in more than 600 tonnes of relief to Indonesia

Since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Indonesia on 28 September Air Charter Service (ACS) has been busy helping governments and charities to deliver more than 600 tonnes of aid to the country.

Over the past few weeks ACS’ global offices have been sourcing aircraft to carry relief goods to the region and group cargo director, Dan Morgan-Evans said: “The 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused widespread damage to the Sulawesi coast of Indonesia – tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed and there are hundreds of thousands of people now homeless.

“The death toll from the natural disaster has now exceeded 2,000, with many thousands of people still missing. Our US, Asian and European offices have all been heavily involved in the humanitarian effort since, on behalf of our clients.

“We have been flying in different types of much needed aid, such as shelter kits and water purifying tablets on a variety of aircraft types, including Antonov AN-12s, Boeing B757s and B777s. There are a lot of aid supplies stockpiled in Malaysia and the surrounding area so, once the aircraft were sourced, many of the operations have been swift.

“We have flown in other relief goods from the Middle East and Europe – in total, seven of our offices have arranged more than 20 charters to the region carrying a total of just over 600 tonnes.”