IAG Cargo sees a spike in diphtheria vaccine shipments to Venezuela

IAG Cargo has seen a spike in cargo deliveries for diphtheria vaccines to troubled Venezuela coinciding with the outbreak of the contagious disease currently taking place in the country.

This week IAG completed a single shipment of over 5.3 tonnes of the diphtheria vaccine from India to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela working in partnership with Indian biopharmaceutical company – Biological E.

IAG Cargo said the diphtheria outbreak in the South American country has hit new highs at 1,900 cases detected across 22 states, and it is playing a “crucial role” in delivering vaccinations to help fight the contagious disease.

IAG Cargo global product manager, Jez Palmer said: “We ship medicine across 90 countries 24/7, helping control the spread of infectious diseases across the globe. We take the responsibility of shipping live-saving medication very seriously – our dedicated ‘Constant Climate’ product team ensure that vaccines arrive promptly and securely ready to be administered as necessary.”

Since its introduction last year, IAG Cargo has shipped more than two billion vaccines across 90 countries using Constant Climate – a product designed for handling anything from pre-packaged pills to delicate medicinal vials.