Cargo Handling

B&H Worldwide wins Travel Service contract

B&H Worldwide has secured a three-year contract to manage Czech Republic company Travel Service’s entire logistics engineering supply chain exclusively.

Travel Services is the largest airline company in the Czech Republic and operates the SmartWings brand alongside charter and private business jet operations.

Under the new contract, which is effective immediately, B&H will expand its relationship with Travel Service to exclusively manage all AOG traffic, time-critical spares and routine shipments.

This covers Travel Service’s major operating centres in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and a further 400 airports on four continents where the company operates.

B&H will manage the entire shipping process providing a new level of shipment transparency to Travel Service through the use of its unique OnTrack system to provide track & trace and reporting with an option to include full inventory management in the future.

The contract will be managed through the B&H London Heathrow Control Tower providing round-the-clock 24/7, 365 service to the customer globally.

Travel Service head of logistics, Petr Hutla said: “We chose B&H because we wanted a business partner we could completely rely on which would then enable us to concentrate on our core business.  We are confident that B&H can provide us with an across the board solution for our complex aerospace logistics requirements.”

B&H Worldwide’s customer solutions manager, Chris Allen said: “Our dedicated European Control Tower team in London will manage this global business and provide bespoke services to precisely meet Travel Service’s needs.

“Our specialist market knowledge and understanding of MROs, repair vendors and spare parts stockist combined with our award-winning supply chain management service were crucial in securing this important new customer.”