Cargo Handling

New contract for Bolloré Logistics in the UK with Virgin

Bolloré Logistics UK has signed a new five-year contract with UK airline Virgin Atlantic which will cover the handling and movement of all international shipments to and from the UK.

Effective from 1 May this year, the French logistics company said it is a “testament” to the long-term partnership it has forged with Virgin Atlantic, and the intensive re-mapping of their logistics requirements.

Bolloré Logistics UK aerospace director, Jim Berryman said it wasd an “honour” to serve Virgin Atlantic and have the opportunity to commend their open approach, which “allowed management teams from both parties to participate in many hours of planning and examining all avenues to create an agreement of this kind”.

He added: “The DNA of the group drives us to strive for long term relationships that carry the weight of both companies and dedicate the right allocation of time to continuous improvement and cost savings.”