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Pallite achieves new environmental standard

UK based Pallite says it has underlined its commitment to the environment by ‘going green’ and successfully gaining a major new accreditation.

The transit packaging company headquartered in Northamptonshire has been certified for the new environmental standard ISO14001:2015.

Pallite produces packaging made entirely from paper and glue using honeycomb-cell technology, is currently working towards another standard, ISO9001:2015, having laid the foundations for a new robust management system.

Both standards introduce a risk-based/critical thinking viewpoint, which helps businesses consider the bigger picture and supply chain, that then provides additional frameworks for disaster recovery, business continuity and a greater engagement rate.

Quality manager, Matthew Marks said: “When people think of quality management, it’s assumed that quality only relates to product quality, but it doesn’t.

“Quality management and certification to ISO9001:2015 shows that we continually improve all business processes and maintain a high level of customer and employee satisfaction.

“The environmental standard helps compliment the quality standard, but also provides a detailed framework for the business to review any activities that may negatively impact or harm the environment. This helps add extra credibility to our sustainable viewpoint of switching to a paper pallet.”

Pallite offers an alternative to wood through its range of lightweight, strong, clean and recyclable paper transit packaging designed to reduce the total cost of delivery.

The company manufactures its entire range at a factory in Northamptonshire and supplies a range of sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as exporting, where Pallite is able to significantly reduce air freight cost savings through weight reduction.