Salmon run to Seattle for Alaska Air Cargo

More than 16,000 pounds of fresh Copper River salmon arrived in Seattle on a fish-filled Alaska Airlines aircraft touching down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shortly after 06:30h (local time) this morning.

Today, officially marks the beginning of the summer salmon grilling season that is anticipated by seafood lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In total, Alaska Air Cargo has three more flights scheduled throughout the day to bring in an additional 48,000 pounds of salmon to market.

The delivery comes as Seattle chefs are set to compete in the ninth annual Copper Chef Cook-off which is taking place in Seattle. The season’s first fish, a 45-pound king salmon donated by Trident Seafoods, will become the catch of the day for three Seattle chefs competing for the best salmon recipe in the ninth annual ‘Copper Chef Cook-off’.

Alaska Air Cargo managing director, Jason Berry said: “Alaska Airlines plays a significant role in supporting the Alaska seafood industry, which is recognised worldwide for its sustainable fishing practices.

“Our cargo employees are working around the clock to ensure we deliver the first catch of the coveted wild Copper River salmon to market, often within 24 hours of being pulled from the water.”

Every year Alaska Air Cargo partners with the state of Alaska’s three largest seafood processors, Trident Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, and Copper River Seafoods to bring the coveted fish to Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska, where it will then be delivered to restaurants and grocery stores throughout the Pacific Northwest, and across the country.