Turkish reports 18% volumes uplift in April

Turkish Airlines – the parent carrier of Turkish Cargo – has reported that cargo and mail volume increased by 18 per cent in April across the vast freighter and belly network compared to the same month last year.

Main contributors are North America with a 27 per cent rise, Middle East, Africa and domestic lines with 26 per cent increase, and Europe with 19 per cent uplift.

In April, Turkish said the load factor increased for all regions. Africa, North America and Europe showed “visible load factor growth” among other regions with six point, six point and five point increases, respectively.

For the first four months of the year, cargo and mail carried increased by 32 per cent and reached 425,000 tonnes, which Turkish Airlines said was thanks to strong pick up in volume in April this year.

The freighter arm Turkish Cargo continues to add to its network and has recently launched a new route into Brussels from Istanbul, while the belly network also expands to new destinations.