14% increase in Rose Shipments at BLR Airport

Enhancing its reputation as the most preferred airport of choice for perishables, BLR Airport cargo witnessed a near two-fold increase in rose shipments in the run-up to Valentine’s Day this year.

The season of roses at BLR Airport brought cheer once again with a 14% increase in rose shipments processed compared to last year.

Valentine’s week kept BLR Cargo busy as 17.4 Million rose stems (589,296 kg) were processed.

Top international destinations to receive these Indian roses were Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Kuwait, Manila, Auckland, New York, Lebanon, Maldives, Jordan and Dubai. BLR Cargo sent roses to a total of 15 global destinations.

On the domestic front 6.6 million rose stems (178,200 kg) were processed which is a 31% increase compared to last year.

Top Indian cities to receive the Valentine’s week consignment were Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati, Bagdogra, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Darbhanga, Chandigarh and Patna which are among 34 domestic destinations.