Cargolux signs United for Wildlife declaration

Cargolux Airlines freighter

Cargolux has signed the United for Wildlife International Taskforce on the Transportation of Illegal Wildlife Products declaration which it said demonstrated its “commitment to animal welfare and ethical standards”.

The carrier added: “The statement, made in good faith, is not legally binding but serves as a symbolic milestone in the fight against trafficking and illegal trade. The detailed clauses ensure the airline recognizes the devastating impact of illegal wildlife trade, and will not take part or facilitate it in any way.”

Cargolux president and chief executive, Richard Forson said: “We are proud to add this declaration to the number of steps that have been taken by Cargolux to fight the illegal trade of animals and animal parts.

“We are strongly committed to promoting and taking part in conservational and environmental efforts. As a key player, it is our job to set the standard for an ethical and sustainable industry.”

Illegal wildlife trade is one of the five most lucrative organised crime networks globally. The only illegal trades that rank above it in terms of financial value are drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking and money laundering.