Jota Cargo takes to the sky from London Southend

London Southend Airport based Jota Aviation has celebrated the official launch of Jota Cargo with the charter of its first BAe 146-300F Freighter go-now flight.

Jota Aviation launched the first BAe 146-300F operations with a payload of automotive parts, bound for Liverpool. The aircraft was airborne from its Southend base within 90 mins and arrived ahead of schedule to pick up the load.

Jota Aviation chief executive officer, Andy Green said: ”The introduction of the freight variant of the 146 into our fleet has taken a lot of hard work across the whole team at Jota, and it was hugely rewarding for the team to see the first revenue flight depart, on time of course.

“We have geared the operation around rapid response, with the customer given a price and schedule option within 5 minutes, with the aircraft departed within 90 minutes of confirmation.”