Cargo Handling

Bijaoui and Caviezel team up to set-up ground handling network for the Americas

Two of the most influential and successful leaders in air cargo ground services have established Transborder Aviation Holdings which will form a network for cargo handling and all-related services in the Americas.

Olivier Bijaoui (pictured below), former chairman of Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and Simon Caviezel, co-founder and former co-chairman of Cargo Airport Services (CAS) will be co-chairman of the new company.

Tranborder Aviation, owned by the co-chairman, will be the holding company for thew new ground handling network. Discussions on the opening of the first station in the Americas are ongoing.

Bijaoui said: “Today’s air cargo market demands leading-edge service offerings allowing airlines to remain competitive in a loogistics world where transparency, speed and quality will be fundamental demands from the market.”

“The market is asking for mid-size quality providers, with the network service, at a time when new challenges and opportunities are emerging,” he added.

“With this new company we will drive service quality and expand the network throughout the Americas, serving airlines looking to offer top-class handling for their customers.”

Bijaoui recently became a major shareholder in Paris CDG-based France Cargo Handling (FCH), which has 12 stations in France and offers full cargo handling and trucking services in France and Europe. He has also invested in Belgium Airport Servies (BAS) in Liege.

Caviezel said: “Ground handling services needs to adapt to the new challenges of e-commerce, while air cargo verticals such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace and automotive demand a new approach, and a new way of serving the global airline customer base. Transborder Aviation will ensure airlines receive the best handling across all theor product lines.”

Both side of Atlantic operations will integrate into a global network and the new holding company will be based in Sunrise Florida, Ft. Lauderdale.