Wipro joins the Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Information technology provider Wipro has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) as it looks lead the development of blockchain standards and drive blockchain adoption in the transportation industry.

BiTA is an industry group which is focused on establishing blockchain standards across the freight industry and Wipro said it plans to use the platform to help ideate platform-agnostic blockchain standards for the logistics and transportation industry.

BiTA managing director, Craig Fuller said: “We look forward to working closely with Wipro’s blockchain experts to drive enterprise scale blockchain adoption for global transportation organizations, specifically around use cases such as supply chain traceability, trade finance, provenance, fraud detection and compliance management.

“Owing to Wipro’s strong domain and technology expertise, and dedicated focus on blockchain, we look forward to its support and contribution to define, design and develop blockchain standards definition for the transportation industry.”

Wipro helps global organizations in their blockchain adoption journey through its suite of offerings, which cover ecosystem services, advisory and consulting services, industry solutions, platform services and application services.

The company’s focus is to drive the design and development of production-grade blockchain solutions for industry use cases, leveraging its portfolio of patents and IPs, pre-built frameworks, industry solutions and technology assets.

Wipro consumer business unit president, Srini Pallia said: “We will collaborate with BiTA and our customers to take a business use-case approach and leverage blockchain to solve complex new-age logistics and transportation issues.

“We also look forward to actively contributing to the standards for the use of blockchain in the transportation and logistics industry, and working closely with our global customers to bring these standards to action in their blockchain journey.”