Air Niugini Cargo and EFM launch new PNG initiative

Papua New Guinea carrier Air Niugini Cargo and Express Freight Management (EFM) have announced a new initiative which allows for pick-up and delivery of all Lae destined cargo in Lae City instead of at Nadzab Airport.

Under the agreement from 1 September 2018, Air Niugini Cargo will be assisting businesses and the public of Morobe Province, mainly Lae City, with a split rates system using the current code of Lae to unload all cargo at Nadzab.

Cargo will then be picked up by EFM and delivered to a designated point of collection in Lae city, which is EFM’s hardware house for customers to pick them.

Air Niugini Cargo’s general manager, Gus Kraus said it has been a long time since Lae was recognised as a destination by Air Niugini for airfreight and this will change from 1 September, allowing for deliveries to be made into Lae city and closer to the hub of all activities in the province.

“This will greatly assist businesses and the public as well as the government institutions and hopefully grow the Lae business market, while ensuring convenience also for the everyday person to pick up cargo or consign to Lae City instead of Nadzab airport.” Kraus said.

EFM’s managing director, Robert Howden said the new initiative will ensure convinience for customers to pick-up their cargo in Lae, instead of driving to Nadzab Airport, which is about 45 minutes out of the city.

Howden said “This new initiative will see a new Lae City destination added so that clients are able to nominate Lae for all deliveries rather than driving all the way to Nazab airport to pick up their cargo.

“We will pick up cargo from Nadzab airport and deliver to the EFM warehouse in  Lae , Malaita Street, which is located in the hub of the Commercial & Industrial centre of Lae.

“EFM will be labelling the warehouse with an Air Niugini Cargo corporate logo for ease of recognition in due course.”

There will be a slight increase to rates to allow for the transport cost for collection and drop-off between the airport and Lae City and vice versa but Air Niugini and EFM said they have agreed to keep this to a minimum.

The development of rates have been completed for both to Lae City and from Lae City and will roll-out between Port Moresby and Lae  initially from 1 September. It will commence with a review for a full country wide delivery/receipt of this new destination from all Air Niuginin domestic airports to Lae City soon after.